If you ever wanted to air your views about a topic but could not find a soapbox, your time has come. You could become a blogger. Blogging is not a new phenomenon. Writers have been using the internet to tell their personal stories, post ideas and recipes, and also to share their opinions about issues for many years. What they have learned during this time is that while blogging can be a lot of fun, it is also a money-making opportunity.

What Types Of Blogs Are Out There?

BloggingBlogs fall into several categories. There are the self-help articles which give mothers or people with health concerns ideas for living better lives. For instance, a mother might write about how she cured thumb sucking. An individual with a strong interest in herbal remedies might have discovered a way to lessen the effects of psoriasis using natural remedies. Abuse survivors will use a blogging platform to connect with and help readers who have also suffered from abuse. Whatever ideas they have to share, there are readers out there who are eager to consume them.

Blogging For SEO

Another type of blog is directly related to a product or website. Using SEO, writers lead readers to check out the website by posting keyword optimized articles about the product. For instance, if you like to do DIY projects, your article might link directly to a small firm selling DIY renovation kits. Articles would be specifically targeted at this audience.

Blogs also discuss issues which no one is going to solve, but which are important. For instance, the environment and world peace come high on the list. If you want to hear what others have to say and get a chance to share your own thoughts in the comment box, you can. Offering a comment option is advisable as this gives your readers a chance to share valuable (sometimes painful) feedback.

When Blogging Turns To Cash

How do you turn your personal blog into a money making opportunity? The easy way is to sell advertising space on your web page or website. This is easily done if you own the site, though not if you are a guest blogger.

WritingOnline marketers use blog sites to post advertisements for all kinds of companies. They sell herbal remedies, cosmetics, perfume, clothes, and more. Some of these advertisers are major businesses. Others are small-time retailers. You get to choose whose adverts you want to place in the spaces around your blog if any. Not all bloggers do this; some post their web pages for altruistic reasons and are not concerned about money. Most, however, need to pay for their space somehow and also need to make a living using this opportunity. By carefully reading the contract offered by this company, one ensures the arrangement will not be more trouble than it is worth.

How Advertising On Blogs Work

Advertisers can pay for space as is conventional in the advertising world. They can also pay by the number of ‘hits’ they get from browsers. For instance, if someone reads your blog and presses the ‘read more’ link on a sidebar, this will lead her to another web page or to a box showing further information about a product. She can either buy it or sign up for newsletters and alerts. She might enter a contest. This is called affiliate marketing, and it works in different ways as is stated in the particular site owner/advertiser contract. Some pay a percentage of sales. Certain advertisers are looking for referrals and pay for each one they get. A blogger can make a few dollars a month this way or sit back and watch the cash roll in, though something in between is realistic. Earning money with affiliate marketing is not very time consuming after the initial arrangements are made.

Income From HomeAnother way to make money is to become a blogger for a ‘boss.’ This person pays you to write for a website. You could be a ghostwriter, getting paid according to the number of posts you write monthly and the word count, or paid according to how successful your articles are at garnering interest in a website. In rare instances, a writer is well known enough to warrant a ‘named’ spot which pays a regular wage. Most people, however, are not famous crafters or health gurus. Employers who seek bloggers are running retail sites where they sell everything from boots to bat boxes.

Finally, you could use your blog to sell your own goods. If other people do it and pay ghostwriters for the privilege, why not do the work yourself and avoid the costs? Promote your healthy baby shampoo, homemade doll’s clothes, or handcrafted jewelry without paying someone else to write what you know lots about anyway.

Selling from a blog does complicate your site requirements and profile somewhat, however. You will either have to create a link to an external shopping cart or make this your shopping page as well as a blog site. To maintain momentum when a consumer looks ready to buy something, it has to be as easy as pressing a few buttons and leading to a checkout with a credit card and PayPal options.

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