Evaluating The SEO Potential Of A Penalised Site

For any person or business involved in active search engine marketing activities the algorithms which search engines use to rank websites is of the utmost importance. These businesses will literally live or die by the ongoing changes that are made to the search engine’s ranking methodology. One of the side effects of these constant changes is that it can create new opportunities in the marketplace as various websites or penalized or dropped from the search engines entirely.

Oftentimes these penalized sites can be purchased extremely cheaply. However determining their value from a SEO standpoint can be problematic. If the effort involved with revitalizing and re-configuring the website and getting it ranked is too great then it is an opportunity that should be passed up.

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So how can a person know whether a penalized website is a good opportunity or a money pit? There is no concrete way to identify these sites one way or the other, but it is possible to get a pretty good sense of the site simply by evaluating the content on its pages. Content quality is one of the major factors that search engines take into account these days. If the content on the site is incredibly thin, or comes off as spam via keyword loading then the fix for the site is relatively simple. The person trying to bring the site back simply needs to improve the overall quality by writing better content, removing the excessive usage of keywords, and making sure that the user experience on the site is at a very high level. Sites like this can have a tremendously high potential from a SEO standpoint.

On the other hand if it appears that a website was involved in any type of serious blackhat tactics, for example PPC fraud or things of that nature, then bringing the site back will be extremely difficult and likely not worth the investment in time and resources that SEO would take.


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