Web Design Elements

Web design is a field where creativity, innovation and being updated with trending design tactics are required. In line with these, one is required to make a good use of web design elements and stick to the requirements needed when building a website from scratch.  Discussed below are some of the web design elements every designer and developer should abide by while working on a website.

1. Link state: Links are very important in web design. They are also an important element in on and off page search engine optimisation. (to find out more about this, visit this website). The URL used for the website needs to be active, and clickable when one wants to visit the site. There are three main link states in websites; these are,
Normal link: It is the default link to the website. This is the address that visitors will click on a search engine result, or enter in browsers to access the site.

Visited, active and hover links: A visited link is one that a visitor has already clicked, while an active link is an address where the visitor is currently on. Hover link state occurs when one overs the mouse cursor over the link, without necessarily clicking on it.

2. Website Forms: Each and every website has a form, where information is displayed searches within the website are entered. The most important aspects in website forms include form label, input fields and labels too. How you, the web designer position and label these forms will determine whether the audience will be comfortable with the same or not. Form designs also dictate how the website will appear, and the ease of use of the same.

3. Status messages: Status messages on a website are very important. These communicate with the web user what is required or what should be done in every event. These are especially important where specific data needs to be entered or certain actions on the website.

These are some of the elements that web designers need and have to abide by. There are many others such as backgrounds and background images in large screen displays, form validation and programming language used.



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